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Our comprehensive Search Engine Optimization Solution make sure the website will be indexed in all the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) plus 100's of secondary search engines. With our skills, we dare to guarantee that your website will be found at top ranking in major search engines.

The key ingredient for a successful web promotion campaign is through Website Optimization. Probably, you've been wondering... How is Search Engine Optimization will help your business?


SEO also known as Search engine optimization is an effective way of improving traffic to your website. Search engine optimization makes your web site compatible with the search engines and allows the search engines to crawl your websites easily. There are certain development, rules and procedures that need to be done in your website to increase your rankings.

Many failed to understand that the first and the primary way to advance in search engine optimization is researching the keywords that best describe the products and services that you deal with. It is important that you pick the right keyword(s) that describe your products and also the keyword(s) that are used mostly by people to search your products.

We Have The Capability And We Have The Experience!

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What we offer here is a range of affordable website optimization services regardless for large organization or small businesses. We have website optimization packages depending upon your budget and your requirements. Or tell us your budget and we will work based on your budget. Note: Results may vary!

We Offer Affordable Website Optimization Services!

We have two affordable website optimization services and guaranteed search engine optimization services for you to choose from. You may choose the most suitable and affordable website optimization package as per your budget and individual needs, or on the other hand advise us of your requirements if you need a personalized package.

Check out our SEO Optimization Packages and our SEO Optimization Strategy for better understanding.


Are you seriously want to improve your business?

Do you really need SEO Services to Increase your Search Engine Rankings?

Take a look at the benefits of Search Engine Optimization below that could bring to your business and then you decide…

Regardless you run a home based business, small or corporate business there is no more cost effective way to market your company than through the search engine optimization. SEO was made potential due to the internet explosion and now every business has the ability to have a highly effective SEO campaign with a little investment compared to other forms of marketing.

Today, a company needs a website to add validity and credibility! If your company has a website, but the site is not optimized for maximum exposure from the search engines, you could be missing out on well over 85% of your potential website traffic. Obviously, achieving high search engine position for targeted keyword phrases is a vital part to improving your website conversions and increasing your audience.


  • Increase Ranking: Push your page rank as high up on search engine results listings as possible based on the best keywords you choose.
  • Increase Customer Based: Help your potential customers to find your products and services online both faster and with less effort. If you customers are motivated and interested to come to your website then this can increase your sales whether you are a large or small business.
  • Increase Visibility: Be ahead of your competitors. If your products or services ranked at the top of major search engines then customers will be to find you easily and fast.
  • Increase Traffic: The higher your ranking is the greater traffic you will get. And you know what this mean. Traffic = sales.
  • Increase Popularity: Once your site increases in popularity your search engine ranking will also increase as well. You are actually branding your products and services.
  • Increase Credibility: It is like instant credibility. The higher the position your website is the greater credibility you will be able to claim. Higher position will motivate customers to make purchases.
  • Increase Conversion Rates: The higher your rank is the greater opportunities of creating sales.
  • Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs: Save time and money. Online marketing is the cheapest marketing strategies you could ever imagine. You might spend $20-$50k (or more) for offline advertising but not with SEO services. You can save at least 80% of what you invested in offline marketing. The only you got to do is maintaining the website SEO.
  • Increase Market Coverage: Not only local market but you can now market your products or services globally. The potential is huge. The world now is within the reach and thanks for internet.
  • Increase Business Venture Opportunity: Through SEO you can also creating opportunity to joint venture with other businessman in other part of the world. Your products or services demands might be needed.

We could go on… and the fact is SEO is priceless to your business.

What our SEO marketing strategies will help you is saving your company both time and money by promoting your services and products through search engine services. In order to have a successful SEO marketing campaign you need great writing skills, great creativity, original SEO optimized content and a reachable website. If any of these areas are unfamiliar to you then you should consider hiring an SEO company who will do all SEO the work for you and you can simply sit back and watch how SEO marketing can benefit your business.


So you ask, why hire Websifu?

  • We Have Proven Results and We Have Proven Clients!
  • We've ranked clients #1-#10 for keywords like "charity", "natural herbs", "art expo" and "strategic talent management" on Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • Our clients range from Corporate, IT Firms to individuals, and even charity site like Charity Malaysia.

Check out some of our satisfied clients that ranked highly in search engines based on keywords requested:

  1. GMSSolutions.com.my - Keywords: Property Management Services, CSP Outsourcing, Malaysia Property Management, and many more.
  2. CharityMalaysia.com - Keywords: Charity Malaysia, Fund Raising Malaysia, Charity, Donation, Donation Malaysia and many more.
  3. RehdaInstitute.com - Keywords: Malaysia Property Bubble, Property Training and Research, Property Research Institute and many more.
  4. RumahRehatAdeline.com - Keywords: Rumah Rehat Malaysia, Malaysia Rest House, Rumah Rehat Gopeng and many more.
  5. VoiceofMalaysian.com - Keywords: Malaysia Political Blog, Malaysia Politic, Politic Blog in Malaysia, Political Blog in Malaysia and many more.
  6. Nixfon.com - Keywords: KPI and Scorecard Dashboard, Total Talent Management, Strategic Talent Management and many more.
  7. GentingPermaiResort.com - Keywords: Genting Permai Resort, Resort at Genting and many more.
  8. Glass-Solution.com - Keywords: Glass Solution, Glass Packaging Solution.
  9. Cerianoor.com.my - Keywords: Topaz Keyphone System, NEC Aspila, Ericsson Business Phone, KX-TES824 Panasonic, Alcatel Lucent Omnipcx, Telecare Advanced Call Accounting Software, Call Accounting Software, Telecare Voice Mail System and many more.
  10. Subrosa.com.my - Keywords: Bonding and Sealing Solutions, Adhesive Sealants, PU Foam, Spray Foam, Marine Adhesive Sealants, Window Glazing Silicone Sealants and many more.
  11. Shamelsolution.com / AVITSystem.com - Keywords: AV System Solution, Professional Stage Curtains, Motorized Cantilever Projector Lift, High Power Sound Systems, Large Motorized Projector Screen, Ultra High Brightness Projector and many more.
  12. Ourmoneyworld.com - Keywords: Financial Success Mentoring.
  13. Andrewchia.com - Keywords: Money Secrets, Financial Intelligence.
  14. PlrSifu.com - Keywords: Quality Plr Articles, Best Plr Store, MRR eBooks Gaming, Plr, Ultimate RSS Joiner and many more.

You need proof, we gave you proof and for that you CAN hire us with confident.

You see…

If you’re serious about getting your website into top positioning on the major search engines, then check out these SEO Optimization packages. Contact us if you require us to work based on your budget.

We offer 2 types of SEO Services:

  • Budget SEO Optimization Services – suitable for individuals, starters & small business owners.
  • Business SEO Optimization Services - suitable for corporate and serious business owners.
  • Keyword Top Rank Based SEO Optimization Services - suitable for serious business owners that want to achieve guaranteed position based on keyword(s).

Both these services are tailored to the specifics of your site. Review the options that best fits your needs and start increasing your ranking! For larger scale websites or sites that have more advanced and in depth requirements, we also offer Customizable SEO Optimization Service that is specifically designed to cater to your needs.


With years of experience in the industry, we have the skill and ability to help you increase your website rankings. Our team of SEO Experts will:

  • Assist you in finding the best targeted keyword phrases for your website.
  • Title tag, description and meta keyword optimization.
  • Construct On-Page, Off-Page Optimization.
  • Analysis of website architecture and linking structure.
  • Competitive strategy analysis for main keywords and key phrases.
  • Analysis and Optimization of HTML source code and page design structure.
  • Improve the overall In-Site Linking Structure.
  • XML sitemap creation and implementation.
  • Blog & article syndications.
  • Robots.txt creation and implementation.
  • Structure the appropriate web marketing services to meet your business's needs.

All of our SEO optimization techniques have been tested and proven effective; we only use ethical (White-Hat) methods and practices. We are more than happy to help you choose the services that best fit your needs. Most small to medium size Web businesses start with the SEO Optimization Basic.

Now ask yourself this…

Are you looking for more traffic?
Do you want more sales?
Do you think SEO Optimization is necessary for your business?

If yes, then you may contact us for more info about our SEO Services or you can check our SEO Optimization Packages and place the order. Click if you're looking for GUARANTEED FIRST PAGE SEARCH ENGINE RANKINGS.

Tips: You can also read more about SEO Optimization here and for more extra SEO Tips here. You can also use our Free SEO Tools to perform some website analysis, research and increase your website rankings. Check out out Guaranteed Google Indexing page.


Websifu rides the trend in providing superior quality and timely delivery at very affordable cost.

To meet the growing demands from clients we at Websifu also provide a full range of web based development to ensure long-term success for the organization.

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