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Our SEO Optimization marketing process is divided into 2 phases. This to make sure we execute and implement appropriate SEO Strategy. Each step is designed to suit your website purpose.

These SEO Strategy phases are:

  • Phase 1: Business Model Research Analysis and Planning - In this step we will conduct extensive research on your website needs and gather appropriate information to understand the market niche, identifying suitable keyword phrases, and business model. With these we will be able to gather information for implementation phase and to accurate tasks and activities for each SEO Optimization Marketing step.
  • Phase 2: Implementation Phase - Implementation of SEO Strategy is extremely important. This is where we will deploy the advice suggested during the research analysis and planning phase.

Detailed cycle of actions performed in both phases is listed below.

Business Model Research & Analysis With On-Page Optimization:


  • The whole process of SEO Strategy research and analysis will take around 4 weeks.

Major activities in Research & Analysis:

1. Define Plan and Scope of the Project:

  • First, we identify and plan the job scope, restrictions and time frame for the prospective project.
  • Preparing game plan.

2.Understanding the Company’s background:

  • We understand company’s background and history to craft the idea and to grow more sense of business which helps in later activities and to understand targeted audience.

3. Follow the rules:

  • We make sure every SEO Strategy we implement are based on SEO Rules.
  • Our SEO Professionals are well educated and trained to latest search engines trends.

4. Competitors Analysis:

  • Identify client’s competitors either direct or indirect. Analyze their terms market target and develop a game plan to increase client’s website search engines rankings popularity and search engine visibility.

5. Installation of Google Analytics / Web Statistics Tool:

  • Google Analytics will be implemented to observe your site traffic performance. GA will give statistical information on number of visitors and different traffic sources. Results will be reported in the Final Monthly Analysis Report.
  • Note: Meant for only Custom Expert SEO Services.

6. Install the Robots.txt file:

  • Create proper Robots.txt file to guide search engines in proper direction where the content is located and avoiding the rest of the website pages or folders that does not require indexing.

7. Keyword and Niche Market Analysis:

  • Keyword Phrases and Market research will be conducted based on defined Client’s company products and services.
  • List down all possible and good keyword phrases searched by people that can be used to website business.
  • Create a Keyword Report List.

8. Niche Market Topic Suggestion:

  • Suggesting 20 main keyword phrases for approval. We will go through will client to make sure the keywords we choose are relevant and important to business.
  • Once approved we will choose 4 topics will be finalized for the Professional Copywriter to craft with articles to be used during implementation phase.
  • Note: Professional Copy writing services will require additional cost.
  • Note: 4 articles per month are needed for link building services.
  • Note: Press Releases are based on the business nature and only if require.

9. On-Page Optimization:

  • In order to be visible and to make a website that search engine friendly (SEO friendly), On-page optimization are required.

On-Page optimization includes:

Meta Tag Optimization

  • Earlier researched Keywords Report will be used as a benchmark and META Tags implementation with relevant keyword phrases to specific web page will take place.
  • Each web page META Tags implementation is done properly to make sure only researched keywords are used to reflect your online business and targeted website traffic can be achieved.
  • Things that will cover in this step is:
    • Title tag
    • Description tag
    • Keyword tag
    • Image tag
    • Anchor tag

Keywords Inside Content

  • Earlier research Keyword Report again will be used as a benchmark to implement the suggested and most suitable keyword phrases into the website contents. This is one of the most important processes.
  • Possibility complete rewritten of contents are needed to make sure the keyword phrases are flowing properly in the website.
  • Implementing the keywords must be properly executed. Stuffing too many keywords will results spamming of keywords (search engines hate this) and at the same will not give any focus to specific keyword phrases.
  • On-page optimization must be done properly so that no efforts wastage.
  • On-page optimizations will not complete without off-page optimization.

10. Search Engine Submission:

  • Proper search engine submission will be done. No free submission which is not effective. We will submit to all major search engines to make sure your site is being indexed.

11. Recommended Web Marketing Services:



- The whole process of SEO Strategy implementation will take around 4 weeks.

1. SEO Tasks List:

  • Submission Services
  • On-page Optimization
  • Off-page Optimization
  • Website Performance Monitoring

2. Monthly Reports:

  • Based on research and analysis, the off-page team will start marketing the website and send Monthly Reports.
  • At the end of each month a report will be send with traffic information and stats with all the improvements that took place as result of that month’s efforts.


1. Content writing:

  • Every web page contents need to be optimized for search engines purpose. Optimized contents with suitable keyword phrases will boost your site ranking.
  • Extra charges might require for copywriter professional services. Unless if you can write then we will give you the list of keyword phrases to be implemented on the site.
  • Note: Complete rewriting web page contents only require if web page contents are not relevant. If the site contents sufficient then you don’t need any copy writing services.

2. Proposal:

  • Based on the monthly performance, we will analyze and make suggestions on how to improve your business with more Web Marketing Services. This is to make sure your business get the results and maximize your sales.
    On Going Implementation

SEO Optimization service is a process of on-going web marketing. You can’t achieve the results or being on top of the search engine by doing one-time marketing. The deployment of SEO Strategy will repeat for each consecutive period of no ending. Why?

To be honest, you’re not the only one who concern about search engine rankings. Your competitors as well and normally will do their best to be on top of you.

What You Get?

Results! Yes, we give you results.

Quality of work is what we do to maintain our reputation. We practice sets of procedure to make sure every task we’re hired for; we follow the standard rules of implementation that will ensure quality of our SEO Services.

Our SEO Optimization Services benefits include:

  • Site's are ready for maximum web marketing strategies.
  • Global market opportunity.
  • Improvements in all major search engine ranking.
  • Increase your site’s link popularity.
  • Improve your web presence.
  • Generate more traffic.
  • Increase sales and revenue.
Improve your web presence

Websifu rides the trend in providing superior quality and timely delivery at very affordable cost.

To meet the growing demands from clients we at Websifu also provide a full range of web based development to ensure long-term success for the organization.

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