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Fiver Clone Overview

What would you do for 5 bucks?

That's the question answered by the massively popular website Fiverr. As people have been searching for a fresh way to make a bit of cash on the side, websites like Fiverr have grown in popularity. This has not gone unseen by Websifu who have received numerous requests for a complete clone of Fiverr.

We have been working on a Fiverr clone for the last couple of months and are now ready to give complete solutions.

We’ve made the fiverr script simple and easy to use. You can easily create your own fixed price jobs site where anyone can post a job they'll do, all the payments are automated, you can manage your members and money easily from the backend, you can feature jobs that you choose.

Why Use Fiverr Script?

Fiverr Script is the most advanced micro jobs script loaded with features needed to create a successful fiverr clone / micro jobs website.
  • The script is not encrypted. 100% Viewable Source Code.
  • Admin can set one price, set multiple prices or allow users to set their own price.
  • Multiple language system supporting unlimited languages.
  • Paypal payment gateway integrated fully.
  • Super Admin with User Ban.
  • Instant Email Alerts.
  • Twitter connectivity.
  • Facebook connectivity.
  • Advanced order tracking system for buyers and sellers.
  • File attachment system for orders and messages.
  • Photo upload system with upload progress bar.
  • Admin can choose to use fixed price or user set price system.
  • Fully supported by our knowledgeable staff! Updated often.

Fiverr Clone Script Features

License Type
Full License
Price - One Time Free
Free (1) International Domain (.com, .net, .biz)
Free (1) Year Banner Ads at VoiceofMalaysian.com
Free (1) Lifetime Business Directory Link at LinkSifu.com
Free (3) Months Upgrades
Free (1) Script Installation
Fiverr Script Features


* Multilingual - Support For Multiple Languages
* Pre-Loaded With 3 Languages (English, Spanish and French)


* Super Admin with User Ban
* Adjust gig pricess
* Instant Email Alerts
* Multi Price / Currency / Bid
* Auto tweet
* RSS Feed
* Invite Friends
* Content Management System
* Social Bookmarking
* Check Orders
* URL Shortener Integration
* File Attachment System
* Share jobs on Twitter and Facebook
* Facebook Connectivity
* Featured Gigs
* MD5 Encoded Passwords
* SEO Optimization
* Sort Gigs by Date, Popularity, Rating or Price
* Unlimited Job Categories


* Paypal payment gateway integration
* Pay via Paypal
* Pay via Account Balance

Suggestions / Wants

* Users can suggest jobs / gigs
* Wants are listed for sellers to view and get ideas

Job / Gig Listing Page

* Search Gigs
* Post a Gig
* Add images with Gigs
* Like Jobs / Gigs
* Related Jobs / Gigs
* Other Jobs / Gigs by User
* YouTube Video of Job / Gig
* Share Jobs / Gigs
* Job / Gig Feedback
* Job / Gig Rating
* Order a Gig
* Recommend a Gig
* Remove Gigs

User Profile

* User Jobs
* User Rating
* Contact User
* User Details
* User Picture

Post a Job / Gig

* Job Title
* Job Category
* Job Description
* Job Instructions to Buyer
* Job Tags
* Job Days to Complete
* Job Image (Add up to 2 images)
* Job YouTube Video
* Upload Progress Bar

Search System

* Advanced Search System
* Filter by Date
* Filter by Popularity
* Filter by Rating

User Accounts

* Edit and Delete Jobs
* Inbox Conversation System
* Favorite Jobs
* Edit Profile
* Upload Picture
* Change Password


* Manage Gigs (Edit, Delete, Suspend, Activate, Add)
* Manage Sales (Active, Delivered, Completed, Cancelled)
* Track Revenues (Available, Awaiting Clearance, Awaiting Approval, Upcoming)
* Withdraw Earnings
* Communicate with buyers


* Manage Purchases (Active, Pending Review, Completed, Cancelled)
* Track Payments
* Track Order Progress
* Communicate with sellers
* Dispute Delivered Work


* Conversation system to send messages to other users.
* E-Mail notification for new messages


* Pre-Placed Advertisements
* Unlimited Advertisements

RSS Feeds

* Job Category RSS Feed
* Recent Jobs RSS Feed


* Create Multiple Administrators
* Encoded Administrator Passwords
* Manage Orders
* Manage Payments / Withdrawals
* Complete Withdrawals (Within One Click)
* Clear Payments
* Manage Advertisements
* Approve Withdrawal Requests
* Manage Wants
* Want Validation System (On/Off)
* Manage Categories
* Manage Users
* Only Allow Verified Members To Create Gigs (On/Off)
* Admin Login As Any User
* Price Packs - Set Multiple Prices
* Percentage Commissions
* Fixed Commission
* Set Price Mode (Fixed, User Set or Price Packs)
* Set Price Per Gig
* Set Currency
* 24 Paypal Currencies
* Set Days Before Withdrawals
* Static Pages with HTML - Admin Panel
* Update Notification System
* Manage Gigs
* Make Gigs "Featured"
* Gig Validation System (On/Off)
* Manage Transactions
* Advanced CMS Editor
* Manage Admin PayPal
* Admin Settings
* Content Management System (CMS)
* Built-in PayPal
* Manage Recommended Gigs
* Ban/Delete Gigs

Note: Full license. Copyright remains to Websifu.biz and users are not allowed to remove any copyrights.

Other Extensions (Optional)

  • Server Setup
  • Video Module
  • and many more...

We have many other extensions developed by Websifu Team which either available for free or at low one-time cost. Just drop us an email for more info and find out how we can assist you.

Our Fiverr Clone Script is a true all-in-one ecommerce solution. Whether you're new to online business, switching from a competitor or finding for ways to make money online, we've got the tool you need to succeed.

If you would like to find out more on Fiverr Clone Script solutions, contact us right now.


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