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Facebook Clone Overview

New for 2012 is our Social Networking Clone Script. We spent almost a year to develop and made available to everyone and we feel proud in presenting this clone script to you. The Social Networking Script can be customized and can be branded for yourself. It is a script done to match every function of the real thing. The social networking clone includes full support, free installs and unlimited free updates. The script is designed in such a way that provide a collection of various ways for users to interact, such as chat, messaging, email, video, voice chat, file sharing, blogging, discussion groups and so on. Facebook clone is developed as Social Community website where users can share their Profile, Pictures, Videos, Music, Papers and Events with their Friends forming a Group in the site.

If you want to run your own Facebook like social site then this is the right script for you.

Why Use Facebook Clone Script?

Facebook Clone Script is the most advanced Social Networking script loaded with features needed to create a successful Facebook Clone.
  • The script is not encrypted. 100% Viewable Source Code.
  • Easy to manage Administrative area.
  • Multiple language system supporting unlimited languages.
  • Super Admin with User Ban.
  • Instant Email Alerts.
  • Twitter connectivity.
  • Facebook connectivity.
  • Photo upload system with upload progress bar.
  • Fully supported by our knowledgeable staff! Updated often.

Facebook Clone Script Features

License Type
Full License
Price - One Time Free
Free (1) International Domain (.com, .net, .biz)
Free (1) Year Banner Ads at VoiceofMalaysian.com
Free (1) Lifetime Business Directory Link at LinkSifu.com
Free (3) Months Support & Upgrades**
Free (1) Script Installation
Facebook Clone Script Features

* Admin can fully customize the script easily, based on their requirements.
* Members can invite their friends to the site.
* Privacy feature lets the members to show/hide their personal information and activities, which are instinctively shared with their friends.
* Webmaster can control the number of records displayed on the site.

** Profile management

* Members can manage and update their complete profile.
* Drag and drop feature in the profile page, enables the members to customize their profile page.
* Members can view their friends and groups on the profile.
* Members can keep track of their friends’ activity through News Feed feature.
* Mini feed is used by members’ friends to track their activity.
* Members can control what type of news-feed story can be shown up in their friends’ news feed.

** Network management

* Members can maintain the networks under different categories like region, school, work place and college.
* Members can suggest the network under any category. After admin approval, the suggested network will be available on the site.
* Members can join/leave the network at any moment.
* Members can join the workplace, school and college networks, only using their valid email address in the corresponding field.

** Stickies

* It acts as a good podium for members who share hot messages, jokes or important information, with others.
* Members can control automatic display of the stickies posted by the members, on their friends’ news feed using privacy setting.
* ‘Stickies’ allows the members to embed videos and pictures apart from tagging their friends in the stickies.

** Photo management

* Members can upload photos in an album, and share them with other members/friends.
* Members can view recently uploaded photo albums.
* Members can upload photos quickly and with ease.
* Members can ‘tag’ the photos for highlighting a particular person. With an emphasized part, people can easily identify the specific person in the photo.

** Video management

* Members can share their favorite videos with all members, friends or people in all the networks or selected networks.
* Members can embed their favorite videos on the site, from YouTube, Metacafe and DailyMotion.
* It lets the site members to upload the videos recorded directly using the webcam.
* Members can view the video details such as video title, run time, total views, number of comments and ratings.

** Marketplace

* Members can post their items for sale or rent, in the marketplace from any part of the planet.
* It offers additional options such as adding photos, videos and audios to help the members know more about the items.

** Group management

* Admin can send a mail to all the members of the group.
* People with similar interest can form a group and share information among them.
* Members can communicate with other members through instant messenger.
* Members can view the groups recently joined by their friends.
* It enables the members to browse various kinds of people, groups, events and networks on the site.

** Events

* Members can post any new events, view upcoming events (like birthday, meeting etc.) and view past events on event page.
* Members can create open, closed and secret events, according to their need.

** Post items

* Members can post the items and share them with their friends via internal messages or the member’s profile.
* Members can report abuse, so that the admin can verify and remove them from the site.

Note: Full license. Copyright remains to Websifu.biz and users are not allowed to remove any copyrights.

Other Extensions (Optional)

  • Server Setup
  • Video Module
  • and many more...

We have many other extensions developed by Websifu Team which either available for free or at low one-time cost. Just drop us an email for more info and find out how we can assist you.

Our Facebook Clone Clone Script is a true all-in-one web based social networking solution. Whether you're new to online business, switching from a competitor or finding for ways to make money online, we've got the tool you need to succeed. To get you started we've listed the top 6 GOOD REASONS WHY OUR FACEBOOK CLONE SCRIPT...

  • #1 It's very cheap

  • #2 It's very easy to install

  • #3 It's very easy to customize

  • #4 It's very easy to manage the script

  • #5 You can make money instantly

  • #6 Our Facebook Clone software is optimized by SEO experts

If you would like to find out more on Facebook Clone Script solutions, contact us right now.


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