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Get Your Own eBay Auction Website!

Are you looking for the best auction software on the web like eBay? If yes then here's an amazing opportunity to get a professional auction software package and start your own professional online auction with no programming skills.

Our eBay Clone Auction Script is the latest and most advanced Auction Script. It has ease to use navigation features and you can set it up within minutes.

Why Use Our eBay Clone Script?

Our Auction Script can be easily tailored to your needs with a potential way to generate heavy revenues. The administrator and member area has been designed with simple to use and user-friendly admin panel where you can control every aspect of the with minimum server requirements.

Our Auction Script offers flexibility and feature rich options that are simple to deploy and easy to manage. Its features include:

  • HTML templates for easy design changes.
  • Ability to create an unlimited number of categories and sub-categories.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways.
  • Extended Search Options.
  • Full bidding and buy it now options.
  • Versatile User Management options.
  • The script is not encrypted. 100% Viewable Source Code.
  • Compatible with all modern browsers.
  • Multiple language system supporting unlimited languages.
  • Paypal payment gateway integrated fully.
  • No technical maintenance.
  • Free Updates & support (3 months).
  • Instant Email Alerts.
  • Twitter connectivity.
  • Facebook connectivity.
  • Payment Integrated.

Its features are updated frequently and freely distributed. Included in this amazing package:


eBay Clone Script Features

License Type
Full License
Price - One Time Free
Free (1) International Domain (.com, .net, .biz)
Free (1) Year Banner Ads at VoiceofMalaysian.com
Free (1) Lifetime Business Directory Link at LinkSifu.com
Free (3) Months Upgrades
Free (1) Script Installation
24/7 Technical Support
Advanced Auction Script
Script Features Overview


  • Step by Step installer - Easy installer guides you through the installation of Auction script.
  • Admin Area - The improved Auction script admin area provides you with absolute control over your auction web-site. From within the admin area you can:-
    • Manage users
    • Manage auctions, wanted ads, reverse auctions
    • Full fee and invoice control
    • Customise categories
    • Enable/Disable a wide array of features and settings
    • Review accountancy
    • Update the site content (about us, contact us pages etc)
      ...much much more
    • Please review our admin demo for a first hand experience of the control available at the click of a mouse inside of the admin area.
  • Make an offer - Buyers can now make offers on listed items, this new feature allows potential buyers to make an offer to the seller if the item has not received any bids. The seller can select whether or not to accept such offers and also set the price range they are will to listen offers between.
  • Combined Invoicing/Postage calculation - Sellers can now combine invoices for items sold to the same user saving both time and money. New in Auction script is the ability for buyers to combine purchases from the same seller thus creating a shopping cart.
  • Direct Payment - Buyers can now make payment to sellers for items won on-site through one of the following payment methods:-
amazon payments
google checkout
payment mate
sage pay
malaysia banks
  • Fee Payments - Users incurring fees on your site can make payment to you through one or more.
  • Wanted Ads - Auction script is the first auction software package to include wanted ads. Enable your users to post adverts for items they want! You can also charge fees for posting wanted ads and also for a successful sale.
  • Media upload - Sellers can upload upto 9 pictures as well as media file (.wmv/.avi) to accompany their listing. As site admin you can impose a fee for the use of this service.
  • Custom Listing Fields - Tailor your Auction site to your specific market, add specific custom fields to either all or selected categories.
  • Vouchers - Offer incentives to new and existing users with our new voucher system. Choose to offer reductions as a percentage or a flat rate.
  • Stores - Enable your users to open their very own store on your auction site. Each store owner can pick and choose their own categories from the main selection. You can also setup store subscription packages to attract bulk or Business customers. Store owners can choose whether to list items in their store, for auction or both. A selection of store skins are also included.
  • Windows Bulk Lister - Auction script official bulk lister enables you to list items on your auction site from windows without having to visit your site.
  • Custom Listing Fields - Ideal for specialist sites you can now quickly and easily add new custom fields for sellers to use when listing. For example if you want to run a car auction web-site you can add custom fields for the engine size, colour, age, condition and so on. All fields can also be set to be searchable. A major enhancement to all Auction script powered auction sites.
  • Taxation & Accounting - New VAT & Tax control with full admin accounting.
  • SSL Support - If you have a SSL certificate installed you can integrate PHP Pro Bid to work alongside it.
  • Private Or Public Site - Choose to run your site as "Private" or "Public". Private ensures only you and your selected users can list items for auction, this feature is ideal for Businesses wanting to auction stock. The public option is the default selection and it's basically like eBay, i.e. everyone can sell & bid.
  • Preferred Sellers - Give your best sellers special reductions on listing fees.
  • Pay As You Go or Account Mode - Charge fees either on demand (Pay as you go) or allow users to build up an account which they pay off once a month (like eBay). You can set a credit limit, offer a signup credit incentive and even invoice users at any time.

General Features.

Buyers and sells will be familiar with the auction process.

  • Full admin panel:
    • Manage users.
    • Manage auctions.
    • Set fees.
    • Customize categories.
    • Enable/Disable a wide array of features and settings.
    • Review accounting.
  • Update the site content (about us, contact us pages etc).
  • Fee Payments (multiple options such as paypal, google checkout).
  • Media upload (photos and video).
  • Custom Listing Fields.
  • Auction listing designer.
  • Seller stores.
  • Vouchers.
  • Power seller discounts.
  • Seller bulk lister.
  • Taxation & Accounting.
  • SSL Support.
  • Private Or Public Site.
  • "Pay As You Go accounting" or "Account Mode, like ebay".
  • Complete fee system (% of sale and per item such as extra photos and
    listing designer).


General Settings

  • User Signup Confirmation Settings.
  • Closed Auctions Deletion.
  • Home Page Featured Items.
  • Category Pages Featured Items.
  • Recently Listed Auctions.
  • Popular Auctions.
  • Ending Soon Auctions.
  • Auction Images Settings.
  • Currency Settings.
  • Time and Date Settings.
  • Setup SSL Support.
  • Meta Tags Settings (sitewide).
  • Cron Jobs Settings.
  • Minimum Registration Age Settings.
  • Recently Listed Wanted Ads.
  • Media Upload Settings.
  • Select Buy Out Method.
  • Selling Process Navigation Buttons Positioning.
  • Maximum Number of Auto Relists Allowed.
  • Site Invoices Settings.


  • Shipping Costs.
  • Home Page Login Box.
  • Home Page News Box.
  • Buy Out/Make Offer.
  • Registration Page Terms and Conditions Box.
  • Selling Process Terms and Conditions Box.
  • Items Swapping Feature.
  • Home Page Users and Auctions Counter.
  • Additional Category Listing.
  • User Defined Languages.
  • Auctions Sniping Feature.
  • Private Site.
  • Preferred Sellers Feature.
  • BCC Emailing to the Site Admin.
  • Ask Seller a Question Feature.
  • Wanted Ads.
  • Bid Retraction.
  • Other Items from Seller on Auction Details Page.
  • Bulk Lister.
  • Category Counters.
  • Users Phone Numbers on Successful Sales.
  • Search Engine Friendly Links (mod rewrite).
  • Enable Auctions Approval.
  • Change Auction Duration when a Bid is Placed.
  • Enable Seller Verification.
  • Enable Profile Page.
  • Enable Store Only Mode.
  • Enable Skin Change on User End.
  • Enable Second Chance Purchasing.


  • Main Settings.
  • Payment Gateways Setup.
  • Fees Management.
  • Currency Settings.

Users Management

  • Admin Users.
  • Users Management.
  • Custom Registration Fields Setup.
  • Login as Site User.
  • Users Reputation Management.
  • Custom Reputation Fields Setup (sale).
  • Custom Reputation Fields Setup (purchase).
  • Send Registration Activation Emails.
  • Send Newsletter.
  • View Abuse Reports.
  • Ban Users.
  • Blocked Users.

Auctions Management

  • Open Auctions.
  • Closed Auctions.
  • Unstarted Auctions.
  • Suspended Auctions.
  • Sold Items.
  • Auctions Awaiting Approval.
  • Custom Auction Fields Management.
  • Wanted Ads Management.
  • Custom Wanted Ad Fields Management.
  • User Messages Management.
  • Old Images Removal Tool.

Tables Management

  • Edit Countries Table.
  • Edit Auction Durations Table.
  • Edit Payment Options Table.
  • Edit Shipping Options Table.
  • Edit Bid Increments Table.

Stores Management

  • Enable Stores.
  • Store Subscriptions Management.
  • Stores Management.


  • Edit Categories.
  • Edit Category Language Files.
  • View Suggested Categories.

Site Content

  • Vouchers Management.
  • Edit Help Section.
  • Edit News Section.
  • Edit FAQ Section.
  • Edit About Us Page.
  • Edit Contact Us Page.
  • Edit Terms and Conditions Page.
  • Edit Privacy Policy Page.
  • Custom Pages Management.
  • Edit System Emails.
  • Site Banners Management.
  • Edit Site Language Files.
  • Edit Members Announcements.

Tax Settings

  • Enable Tax.
  • Tax Configuration.


  • Word Filter.
  • Block Free Email Accounts on Registration.
  • Currency Converter.

Note: Full license. Copyright remains to Websifu.biz and users are not allowed to remove any copyrights.

If you have a specific feature in mind then there’s still a good chance we can develop it either for FREE or at low fees. 99% of cases, our developers will create it for you! Simply contact our Sales team here and we will be very happy to assist you. Custom programming, we can design anything you need and integrate other idea's you might have into this excellent eBay Clone Auction Script.


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