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Would you like 3000 backlinks pointing to your website? We guarantee posting your articles to 1000 Blogs and getting the humongous amount of web traffic coming your websites way.

  • Want to know how one click can instantly build your web site popularity?
  • Want to know how your web site can be the favorite of all search engines like Google and Yahoo?
  • Want to maximize your web site exposure to have a powerful presence on the web?

We have the answer to all your questions.

If the answer to all of these questions is a definite yes, then we can help you. We have got the right formula to make 1000 blogs network that we have = 3000 strong back links to your website.

Backlinks are not everyones cup of tea but we can help your website get noticed by those who matter.

Over 3000 back links to your web site in one click and we are not joking! Yes, your decision to get us working on your web site back linking can bring you phenomenal web traffic!

Make your choice: Your links with your anchor text is now visible in 1000 blogs!

Question: How to build 3000 backlinks?
Answer: We do it for you

3000 Backlinks For 100% Successful Link Building.



3000 Blog Backlinks
$79.00 One-Time Fee
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We will do all of this for the website owner:

Content posting:

We will take the anchor text and affix it as links to over 1000 blogs. This will make your website visible over the vast network of the internet like never before. These blogs are from different interests such as business, internet, marketing, finance, fashion, engineering, travel, health, education and so forth to enable you to get a diverse range of visitors. The website owner in turn needs to:

  • Get in touch with us right away.
  • Give us your content of about 1500 words.
  • Give us 3 preferred links that will guide to their website.
  • Give us the anchor text and keywords to be used in the links.
  • Let us get to work on the business deal of back linking your website.

We will send your content for you!

The delightful magic that we work on your website:

  • We have a huge number of pages, almost more than 100,000 and they are growing in number by the minute. All these pages are indexed by the topmost search engines.
  • All of our blogs are listed by Technorati which ranks blogs. This means that we have a vast number of visitors and traffic coming our way from Technorati. When a person clicks on any of these links they will be directed right away to your website.
  • We are visible on 50 IPs.
  • You can ping back using more than 50 websites.
We will send a full report with your article appearing on all the 1000 blogs in 48 hours from your order.


1) All price are in USD. Read our terms & conditions. All packages, NO REFUND after orders..

2) For more info please contact us now.


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Websifu rides the trend in providing superior quality and timely delivery at very affordable cost.

To meet the growing demands from clients we at Websifu also provide a full range of web based development to ensure long-term success for the organization.

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